An abundance of good friends,  new friends, art patrons, curiosity seekers, fellow artists, and wanderers showed up for our Annual Open Studio Art Tours Event the end of October.  It was a homecoming, of sorts, since Allen and I were in Detroit marrying off our youngest during the 2011 Hwy 62 Art Tours.  My new direction of small canvases was well received, in fact I sold several, and my large canvas was the topic of much discussion.  Fellow artist, Deborah Martin, gave me the canvas with a challenge to work large and after staring at it for a month, I took the first brush to canvas .  I was pleasantly surprised with the result and at the feeling of  “opening up” that working on a larger piece gave me , physically as well as artistically.   If you are interested in seeing it in person, I entered in the Southland Show currently hanging at the Twentynine  Palms Art Gallery.

Allen and I will be traveling during much of the next couple of months but my art is available at ArtF/X & Furnishings  in Yucca Valley, D L Bowden Frame Shop and Gallery in Twentynine Palms, and the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley.   If you are in the Bakersfield area, I have entered four pieces in the Small Works Show at the Metro Galleries on 19th Street.

This holiday season keep your eyes open for the abundance of unexpected  small pleasures hidden beneath any burdens you may carry.


I am pleased to announce that Allen and I will once again welcome visitors to our studio during the 9th Annual HWY 62 ART TOURS. We are the first weekend October 23 and 24 from 9-5.   I have begun work on several new series and am excited about where they are leading me.  If you can’t wait until the tours, I have art at True World Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA, Woods in the Desert Art Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA, 29 Palms Creative Center in Twentynine Palms, CA and the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley, CA.  If you are local you can pick up a  program at any SunRunner distribution point, and/or the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council Office in Joshua Tree and if you are from out of the area you can order one online or our Limited Edition Collector Portfolio which includes a CD with tracks from all the favorite Hwy 62 Musicians at www.hwy62arttours.com


Not a yet a piece, but pieces of possiblity

Back from a road trip and  trying to get the creative juices flowing again.  I have two northern california shops/galleries that would like to show my work and I need start “making stuff”.  Picked up lots of lovely objects along the way that are just begging to be reborn.   Old photographs without a story.  Discarded books without a final chapter.  Castoffs without purpose.  I am inspired to find what once was lost and give it a home in my art.  And so it begins……………….

The Beginning

Found a set of discarded Walter Scott volumes on the side of the road in Los Osos, California while walking with Courtney and Don Carlos.  The covers were beginning to disintegrate in the ocean air and the pages were brittle with age. The soft muted colors whispered to me, “take us all”, I took two.

Hwy 62 Art Tours 2009

Angels SingGreat TruthArousedgrouping

Above are some of my newest pieces,  come see these and much more during Hwy 62 Art Tours 2009.  We are number 61 on the map…..Hope to also see you at the Opening Celebration Sunday Night October 18 at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum in Yucca Valley.  The programs for the tours will be available there for only $5 (that is 1/2 price). For more info go to http://www.hwy62arttours.com

Shrine to Dead Artists

During  Hwy62 Arttours October 31 and November 1 a shrine will be set up at Allen and Mita Barter’s Twentynine Palms studio dedicated to dead artists. One of the first art forms, the building of shrines with the placement of objects in assemblage create meaning that is beyond words.  Allen and Mita spent Dias de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende last year and want to share some of  that  experience.  Following in the traditions of Day of the Dead this shrine will be personal, communal, political, spiritual, and interactive; guests are encouraged to bring images of a dead artist they wish to honor to as well as offerings such as flowers, food, candles, incense.

San Miguel de Allende

Arttours2008 maps

  Our Studio is #22 on the Twentynine Palms map.  Notice that there are several other studios that you can visit while you are in the area.  Desert Knoll is a little sandy, just forge ahead, it gets better,,,,

Twentynine Palms Open Studios

Twentynine Palms Open Studios



For all the maps and  the program for the Open Studio Art Tours please go the the website of the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council at www.arttours2008


I am excited to be joining my husband, Allen Robison Barter during

 Open Studio Tours this year.  www.arttours2008.com

 We have both been busy creating new works in our studio on Twilight Drive

 in Twentynine Palms.  View some examples of my art by clicking ART above or

Allen’s updated gallery by clicking on his website link to the right .

 I really think we have something for everyone,

 so join us for a glass of wine, a great view and fresh art, all desert style. 

Take the road slow but steady for it is sandy, keep your eyes open

for the red-tailed hawk and the desert tortoise as you make your way uphill.

October 11-12