Finishing up a piece of art today and looking through my discarded books for an odd page or two to “seal” the back with.  Choose a page from Belford’s Chatterbox from the 1800’s  for its nice stained  and aged pages and as I pasted it to the back I noticed the passage, “She had a touching way of referring to her mother as if she were not dead, but still here with us, mixed among our comings and goings.”  I often do that myself and it made me think of my mother (who was part Bulgarian)  and just then The Bulgarian Choir came on my music mix in the studio!

I finished that piece and grabbed another page, completely at random, selected  only for the symmetry  of the print on the page and noticed just before I glued it down that it contained a poem by John Ruskin. I just spent the earlier morning reading all about the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust  where my son Nicholas is working  this summer in Nailsworth ,England.

Inspired by the ideals of William Morris, John Ruskin and Rudolf Steiner, the Trust has developed a unique and brilliantly successful approach to problems of social exclusion, economic decline and environmental degradation.  The trust operates on three campuses that are simultaneously residential colleges for young people with learning disabilities,  seedbeds  for economic regeneration and centres for artistic renewal.

Artist renewal……..

The Shrine Auction is Open!

Over 25 artists have contributed stunning pieces to the 4th  Gallery of Hope online auction to benefit the street children of Oaxaca, Mexico.  I am honored to be included with these remarkable, talented and caring individuals this year.  The website is now available for viewing and registration and the bidding lasts a short week so waste no time.  Please read browser notes at bottom of this post if you have trouble accessing the link.

“Imagine a virtual gallery teaming with  love, compassion, inspiration, kindness and joy.   A gallery where each offering was created with the intention of making a bright difference in the lives of others.  Please join our efforts and help us transform hope into reality for children in need”.

Rebecca Brooks, founder of the Gallery of Hope

The Gallery of Hope Shrine Auction is open for registration and viewing June 1-4 and for bidding  June 5-12

You will need to access with firefox/mozilla or google chrome,  internet explorer does not seem to work.

Mozilla/Firefox are alternative BROWSERS to Internet Explorer if you do not have these browsers use the links below to download them.

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Desert Sanctuaries

This is the finished “shrine” piece that I made for the Gallery of Hope .

Shrine to Dead Artists

During  Hwy62 Arttours October 31 and November 1 a shrine will be set up at Allen and Mita Barter’s Twentynine Palms studio dedicated to dead artists. One of the first art forms, the building of shrines with the placement of objects in assemblage create meaning that is beyond words.  Allen and Mita spent Dias de los Muertos in San Miguel de Allende last year and want to share some of  that  experience.  Following in the traditions of Day of the Dead this shrine will be personal, communal, political, spiritual, and interactive; guests are encouraged to bring images of a dead artist they wish to honor to as well as offerings such as flowers, food, candles, incense.

San Miguel de Allende

Open the Gate

I am struck this morning by how so many of us lead parallel lives, separated by just a few feet of atmosphere. We think similar thoughts, have seeming original ideas, nurture our own private dreams, only to discover that just beyond our reach, someone else is living our same existence. If we reach out more often, stretching out our fingertips a little further each time, we can connect those six degrees of separation with a thread of communication. I constantly marvel at the path that my brain takes when reading a novel and I come across a word I have never seen before , then I hear it spoken the next day in conversation, then it appears in an article in the newspaper. A word that has always been there but has escaped my consciousness, lying just beyond my grasp until that magical moment. It is that certain mix of serendipity and déjà vu that never fails to amaze me.   Writing this blog has begun the journey for me,

I am stretching out my fingertips to the walls on either side of this big room.