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     The Road,  Deep and Lasting

The Road, Deep and Lasting

The Traveler, Without Anger

The Traveler, Without Anger

To Travel, My Story

To Travel, My Story

Other Lives, Far Away

Other Lives, Far Away

These are small lapel pins made from breath mint strip containers, collaged with old photos, text from books, and maps.

14 responses to “ART

  1. Hey Lady!!
    You are so creative!!!! I won’t be able to choose! How are you going to display them during the studio tours?? PRESENTATION!!

  2. I really like “Forever”! It reminds me of the kinds of adventures you and Allen have included us on!

    Wonderful Creativity Mita!

    Love ya!

  3. OK – so I am so continually amazed at your creativity – beautiful work, Mita!! and so glad YOU, too, are on the Tour this year… P.S. My fav is “Swoon”….

  4. That unwary tourists one finding adventure on the dirt roads is so very cool, Mita. All of them! How unexpected that you have taken this up–and making them from twice-discarded found objects–‘found’ all over again! I am so glad we are back in touch! I think your mother would be delighted……

  5. Mita, they are beautiful little contemplative moments in time, each one, and I just love them. You are so creative and I want all of them. Can’t wait for the Studio Tour!!!

    Love You, Susan

  6. Great work Mita! I wish I could be there,…. but know I will alwyas be there in spirit!

    I particularly like the Moonlit Drive and UnsulliedElapse. Dare I say the’ll go like hot-cakes!

    Love to you Always-DON:)

  7. Mita and Allen…..Don’t forget the Jazz Blues festival in San Felipe.

    Your art work is A-1 Thank you so much for sharing.

    La Paz, cuca and Richard

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