Just the Beginnings

Just the Beginnings

Do not fall in love, this is just the 2nd or 3rd layer in what will have 6 or 7 layers. Someone asked me why I include the pattern pieces’ words which will most likely be completely obscured in the finished product. My answer: My mother was a water colorist, a graphic illustrator and a seamstress, I grew up surrounded by paints, ink wells, and pattern pieces, when I include a snippet of tissue with a fragment of words from one of these old patterns, I am including my mother in my creative process.

2 responses to “Just the Beginnings

  1. Mita, these look so interesting…..love, love, love the inclusion of the pattern pieces! (Even if they won’t be regonizable in the finished project).

    Wishing we could be there in December for the Art Faire, sounds wonderful!

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