High Country Hiatus



Spending some down time at our cabin in Sugarloaf. It is lovely this time of year to have a place to escape the heat of the desert, make (and eat) homemade waffles with real maple syrup, lie in the hammock, read large quantities of mindless paperbacks, plant some annuals and watch the ground squirrels and bunnies eat them.  

I have not worked on any art since my show came down at the Twentynine Palms Inn, in May, but have ordered some canvasses ( 4″x6″ ) and am visualizing my new directions.  Although the assemblages inside rusty  sardine cans are very popular, it becomes harder and harder to find the raw material and I feel the need to “come out” of the can.  I will continue to work pieces within the lovely aged walls of the remaining couple of dozen but when my stock runs out, that is it.  I have done several small canvas pieces over the past year, incorporating the same elements as my petite assemblage: collage, found objects, rusty bits, and text fragments with the addition of paint and dimensional mediums. I will continue to explore this avenue and you can see all my art, first hand, at this years Hwy 62 ArtTours. My husband, Allen Robison Barter, and I will be opening our home studios and invite you all to visit us during the second weekend of the tours, October 27-28, 2012. 

Fellow artist Mark Junge asked for name suggestions for his latest painting of Joshua Tree National Park, and he chose the name I suggested!   What an honor! An added benefit was that I was forced to update my website, thanks Mark.