Endings and Beginnings

The first month of 2012 has been a busy one. I closed my shop doors for the last time, and expected to sit back and relax a bit.   Instead, life  quickly rushed in to fill any void  I might have experienced!  Moving an entire bookstore and art gallery back to my small home studio,  finishing the last traveling moleskine and sending it back to its owner, family members in need of care, cupboards desiring restocking, and long neglected home tasks.

I have managed to begin several new pieces of art, they await me.  I was asked by Carlos Reyes to hang some in his new gallery in Yucca Valley,  ArtFx& Furnishings,  so those are the priority right now ~he opens in 4 days!!!  Beginning March  4, 2012 Jennifer Ruggiero and I will share the walls of the Twentynine Palms Inn with a show featuring her luminous photography and my petite assemblage,  those pieces are next on the list.

I eagerly anticipate being part of a new long distance art project, Hilary Emerson Lay has launched a Sock Critter Adventure that I have been chosen to be part of.  Read more about Hilary and her quirky pals with the link above.

Hope you are all making interesting inroads into 2012!