MitaBee ~ Art a…

MitaBee ~ Art and Books is closing.

Winter Solstice is approaching and with it, the Return of the Light.   Ever so slowly the days will become longer and with the increased hours of daylight so increases my need to be out and about!

It was nearly a year ago that I chose to follow my dream and open a little shop.  I have always loved finding such a place on our road trips and stopping to poke around and find the treasures hidden on the shelves.  My boys and I used to call these places shoppy shops; little stores with things you never knew you needed, but did!  Needful things.

I now know that while I enjoy being a customer at such a place, I prefer discovering one to owning one.

I am ready to venture out, once again traveling back roads and searching out forgotten towns, stumbling upon someone else’s MitaBee!

My new dream is that this lovely little building will speak to one of you

and help you realize

YOUR dream.