Finishing up a piece of art today and looking through my discarded books for an odd page or two to “seal” the back with.  Choose a page from Belford’s Chatterbox from the 1800’s  for its nice stained  and aged pages and as I pasted it to the back I noticed the passage, “She had a touching way of referring to her mother as if she were not dead, but still here with us, mixed among our comings and goings.”  I often do that myself and it made me think of my mother (who was part Bulgarian)  and just then The Bulgarian Choir came on my music mix in the studio!

I finished that piece and grabbed another page, completely at random, selected  only for the symmetry  of the print on the page and noticed just before I glued it down that it contained a poem by John Ruskin. I just spent the earlier morning reading all about the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust  where my son Nicholas is working  this summer in Nailsworth ,England.

Inspired by the ideals of William Morris, John Ruskin and Rudolf Steiner, the Trust has developed a unique and brilliantly successful approach to problems of social exclusion, economic decline and environmental degradation.  The trust operates on three campuses that are simultaneously residential colleges for young people with learning disabilities,  seedbeds  for economic regeneration and centres for artistic renewal.

Artist renewal……..

Dog Days

Excerpts from MitaBee ~ Art and Books newsletter:  the Summer Buzzzzzzzz……

 Summertime is entrenched in Twentynine Palms and the heat is on. (although, blessedly the temps were much gentler this last week)  Visitors from out of state and out of the country seem to enjoy the triple digits on the thermometer and every so often when the door opens at MitaBee ~ Art and Books  there is an unfamiliar face.  Lured away from the comforts of a cool hotel and pool they have ventured out to explore our little city.  What is missing this time of year is the steady flow of locals that once populated our streets and bolstered the local economy by spending their  hard earned dollars at the various small locally  owned businesses.  Think Local when planning that next shopping trip.

The slow times  do give me the perfect opportunity to work on my petite assemblage pieces in my onsite studio.  Small rusty tins (often sardine cans with their vintage key attached) surrounded one of a kind collages.  Pieced together with faded photographs, old maps and words clipped from discarded books then adorned with found objects and bits of  forgotten memorabilia. Rarely measuring over 4″x 2″ and priced at 30.00 each these small moments in time are the perfect hostess gift or birthday present. Easy to mail and easy to hang.  There is always room for one more MitaBee!  I have finished 3 series since May, the first using a background of fabric from a dress I found wrapped around a creosote bush along a dirt road in Wonder Valley, the second series features a vintage playing card with an image of a Joshua tree and for the third series I used joss paper printed with a hand carved original image of a Joshua tree.
MitaBee Art and Books will be closed from August 16th – September 8th so I can replenish
my rusty bits, my used books and MYSELF!

In closing, if you haven’t been in to MitaBee ~ Art and Books, please drop by .  If you have visited  but it has been awhile, check back, we have new books and  new art every week!
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