Small Miracles

My first show goes up today at the Twentynine Palms Inn!   If you did not make it to our studio during the Hwy62 Art Tours, you have another chance to see my work.

My petite assemblages will be on the West Wall and on the East wall will be the remarkable oil paintings of Robert Arnett.  I am honored to share the venue with such an accomplished artist.

The show will be up until after the holidays.  Make the short trip up to Twentynine Palms,  tour the murals, hike Joshua Tree National Park, walk the Oasis, visit the historical Twentynine Palms Art Gallery, have dinner at the Inn by the pool and keep an eye out for Small Miracles.



Thank you Arts Council for obtaining venues for local artists!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was wonderful seeing all of you during  Hwy 62 Art Tours, thanks for coming!  The old familiar faces as well as the new friends.  We had beautiful weather  and enjoyed the chance to share what we have been working on.  The Day of the Dead Shrine  was well received and many of you brought remembrances of loved ones and offerings to enhance it.

Day of Dead Shrine Corn and Grain Sacred Heart

The Base of the Shrine


The red lentils were almost all gone this morning....mice?

It is quiet on Twilight Drive today and that is a good thing, gives us a chance to regroup and reflect.  Allen and I want to let you all know that if  throughout the year you get a hankering to come up to the studio, just give us a call and we will invite you up (as long as we are in town) .